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Millennium-5 Speakers

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If your Miata headrest speakers are sounding a bit thin or are buzzing, unzip your headrests and take a look. You might be surprised to find torn cones and rotted surrounds. Or maybe the old factory speakers just aren't up to the capabilities of your modern head unit. Until now, there were no high quality replacements available.

We're pleased to introduce you to the Millennium-5 speakers. Custom engineered by us specifically for the 90-97 Mazda Miata and patent pending, these brand new, high quality Millennium series speakers are the exact size of the originals. Please note that if you have an M-Edition or Limited Edition Miata your speaker setup may be different. Click here.

The Millennium-5's will simply screw into place in minutes Millennium-5 Speaker in oem Boxand replace your existing, worn out speakers. See the picture below showing the fit in a stock headrest box (not included, but we have them available here). Installation literally takes minutes as the fit and screw holes are a perfect match.