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July 4th Sale!

Celebrate our nation's independece with a sale on the world's best selling Miata speakers! Take 10% off the mightly M800's door speakers and also our Retrofit Kit that gives your 90-97 Miata headrest audio!

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Headrest Retrofit Kit

Just because your 90-97 Miata didn't come with headrest speakers doesn't mean you can't have them. Our Retrofit Kit is 100% oem compatible - that means a perfect fit and no cutting or modification to your seats.

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Frustrated that you haven't found affordable premium door speakers for your Miata? The frustration is over. Introducing the M800 door speakers for the 1990-2015 Miata. Exact oem fit with deep, rich bass. It's a HUGE sound improvement.


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Our goal is simple. We want to provide hard-to-find and high quality audio and electronics products for our customers - all at a great price and with fast & courteous service.

Glenn - President & CEO

July 4th Sale! Save 10% on our best selling M800 speakers and our Retrofit Kit - but only until midnight July 4th.

New toolbox/bumper stickers! We just got an order of our new 3rd Millennium Tool Box/Bumper stickers!


You can get one free with any $200+ order or send a self addressed stamped envelope to us and we'll send you one!

7/1 Australia and New Zealand Shipping Update. Australia is accepting international postal deliveries but continues to advise of disruptions and delays, in particular in the states of Queensland and New South Wales. So while we can now ship to Australia, we suggest you check on affected areas on the Australia Post's website at

In New Zealand, deliveries are reporting as being made but with significant delays in some cases. Please check with New Zealand postal authorities for more information.

New Videos! We've just posted three new videos - two are specifically for NC owners; installing our Air Horn Kit and installing our Battery Disconnect. Both in our 2012 Sport. And we've also posted a nice comparison video showing the stock horn vs. the Marco horn in our Air Horn Kit. So check out all the good content up on our YouTube channel.

Silicone Adhesive! I always hate to open a full caulking tube of silicone for a small job as I know that however I seal it, it will go bad before long. But it's great for forming a speaker gasket, tying down some rattling wires, or repairing a tear in a speaker cone. We looked hard and have finally found 1/2 oz tubes of clear 100% pure silicone sealant made by ASI in the U.S. Just $2.50 - throw a couple in your tool box. No additional shipping cost when included with your regular order.

Door panel clips! Even when you're extra careful, you'll often find one or two of the clips that holds your door panel is broken. We've located some correctly sized aftermarket replacements for 1990-2015 to help you with your new speaker installation job. And just like the originals, they are made of flexible vinyl - not hard plastic that immediately breaks again list most generic panel clips out there. Just $2.50 for a pack of 5. Make sure to add some to your next order.

I wanted to pass on how pleased I am with the products that I ordered. Between the 6 speakers, the rain shields and the battery disconnect I think I maybe spent a half hour tops installing. Everything fit exactly as promised and was so simple to switch out! Not to mention how thrilled I am with the sound of the radio now.

Keith - Ontario

Our Airhorn Kit is now available for the 2016-up Miata! Same great quality and instructions as for all the other generations, now shipping for your ND Miata. Click here.

See how easy it is to install our products in your Miata!  Check out our YouTube channel at